Site Creation

System Resources listens to your goals and objectives for web development. Knowing what your Board wants, your members want and what you need helps us in planning/creating your website.

For some associations allowing members to sign up and join is a huge benefit (to staff), for others it is online voting and polling (knowing what your members want), for some it may be online delivery of annual meeting minutes & rosters and for others the ability to stay in touch with their chapter members and administer their chapter right online (I think you see where we are going with all this).

We work closely with you & your staff to determine the objectives for your project then we put things on paper so you can see how it will look - then with your approval - we create it on our development server. Once you have signed off on the development we move to your production location - simple, easy, no interruption of day to day operations.

Every association is unique in it's needs and it's members - we can create just what is required using creative solutions/innovative ideas with our 15+ years of combined web experience.

Please contact us for more information.


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